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    Project Benefits

    As construction on the GTS Project begins to wind down, we want to highlight the project benefits, for both residents and our commuters. This includes upgraded infrastructure, noise walls and beautification projects and increased public transit.

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  • Call for Artists

    Dundas Street West Noise Wall Beautification – Artwork Consultation

    The online consultation period is now complete. The winning submission will be selected in early October, based on various criteria including how community input is represented in their final design. Stay tuned!

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    Project Milestones and Achievements

    As construction on the Georgetown South Project continues, we will be highlighting our major achievements and milestones. 

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    The communities we work in are important to us. See how we do it!

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    Check our new videos and see transit construction in action.

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    Community Profiles

    The community plays an important role in the Georgetown South Project. During the design and construction phases, we are working to keep the community informed, but we also want to highlight some of the great people we work with within the community. 

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Georgetown South Project

The Georgetown South (GTS) Project will provide infrastructure improvements to meet existing GO Transit ridership demand and future growth. This project is one of the key elements of The Big Move. Through track sharing, it also allows for the new Union Pearson Express between Toronto’s Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport. This includes a 3.3 kilometre rail spur to the airport.

Strachan Community Office is Relocating

Our last day at the street level office at 901 King St. W. is Friday, September 26. As the Strachan Avenue Overpass project is in its final phase, we are moving your community relations team to our second floor office. Not to worry, you can still get in touch with the team by calling 416-581-1300, by email at gts@gotransit.com, and on Twitter @GTS_Project. And you are certainly able to meet with us in person by contacting us for an appointment.

Construction Updates

September 29 to October 10: Weeknight Work

Project: West Toronto Diamond
Work: Installing pre-cast concrete panels to finish the walls of the lowered east corridor tunnel. This work can only be done when no trains are operating.
Timing: Overnight work will begin on Monday, September 29 and is expected to be complete on Friday, October 10. No overnight work will be done on Saturdays or Sundays.
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September 27 to October 5: Westbound Traffic Only at East Liberty St. Intersection

Project: Strachan Avenue Overpass
Work: The intersection of East Liberty St. and Strachan Ave. will be closed to eastbound traffic. Westbound traffic flow will be maintained. The north sidewalk on East Liberty St. between Strachan Ave. and Western Battery Rd will be unavailable. However, pedestrians can cross at Western Battery Rd. and use the south pathway with the assistance of a Paid Duty Officer.
Timing: Beginning Saturday, September 27 (subject to change) to Sunday, October 5.
More Information...

Preparation for Noise Wall and Fencing Installation Underway

Project: Noise Walls, Landscaping and Fencing
Work: After completing extensive public consultation last year, noise wall and fencing installation will begin later this fall along the entire rail corridor. In order to install noise walls and fencing on the property line, we will be removing vegetation overgrowth. Although we had hoped to avoid removing any trees, our assessment has determined that may not be avoidable.
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Beginning September 18: Overnight Work

Project: Central Corridor Grading
Work: Installing a new sewer system and concrete panels for the retaining wall within rail corridor between Rogers Rd. and St. Clair Ave. W. Resurfacing sections of Weston Rd., Black Creek Dr., Ray Ave. and Eglinton Ave. W. to prepare for the reopening of all traffic lanes.
Timing: Sewer and retaining wall installation: Work will begin Thursday, September 18 during the hours of 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. (until 7 a.m. on Sunday morning and no work on Sunday nights) until approximately October 12.  Road Resurfacing Work to resurface: Weston Rd., Black Creek Dr., Ray Ave. and Eglinton Ave. W. will begin Thursday, September 18 and is expected to end by approximately Saturday, September 20. However, work many need to take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings if work is not done on Saturday. Work will take place from approximately 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night.
More Information...

Beginning September 19: Road Closure

Project: Strachan Avenue Overpass
Work: Douro St. will be closed to traffic between Crawford St. and Strachan Ave. Local traffic will be accepted but there will be no access to Strachan Ave. This work is to reconnect utilities that were relocated as part of the Strachan Avenue Overpass construction. Sidewalk and roadway construction will also be completed.
Timing: Beginning Friday, September 19, (subject to change) for two to three weeks.
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August 15 to late November: Continuous Track Work

Project: Weston Tunnel
Work: From Friday, August 15 until late November, we will be installing three sets of tracks within the Weston Tunnel. This work includes: laying ballast, rail tie and track placement, and welding of the track.
Timing: This work must be completed on a 24-hour basis for 5 to 7 days a week, depending on the nature of the work.
More Information...

August to November: Sunday Work

Project: Bloor Street West Bridge
Work: We continue to renovate the old spans on the Bloor St. W. bridge between Dundas St. W. and Perth Ave.
Timing: Sundays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Regular work hours are Monday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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May 15 to early 2015: Sidewalk and lane restrictions

Project: Bloor St. W. Bridge
Work: Sidewalk and lane restrictions on Bloor St. W. to rehabilitate the Bloor St. W. bridge.
Timing: From May 15 to early 2015.
More Information...

May to September: Concrete Pours

Project: Weston Tunnel
Work: Periodically over the next few months, we will pour concrete to form the tunnel walls and cover.
Timing: Weather permitting, these pours will occur up to two times per week between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to minimize disruption to student. 
More Information...

Reopening of Old Weston/Junction Road Rail Crossing – Postponed Until Early December  

We regret to inform the community that the Old Weston/Junction Road rail crossing will not reopen at the end of September as previously committed to the community. Instead we expect the crossing to open in early December. We apologize for the inconvenience. Learn more...

Thank You Celebrations 

We would like to extend a big thank you and acknowledge everyone who came out and attended our Thank You Celebrations. We had a great turnout and want to thank you again for your patience, understanding and continued support as we complete the final phase of these projects.  We look forward to seeing our neighbours at the upcoming events in the coming months.

West Toronto Diamond: Railpath entrance on Cariboo Ave.
Saturday, October 4 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.  

Weston Tunnel: GO Station Parking Lot, 1865 Weston Rd.
Sunday, November 23 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.  

We look forward to seeing you! 

See what progress looks like

Metrolinx understands that people want to spend more time living and less time commuting, and we’re working to transform how the GTHA moves. More than $16 billion in investment has been made and construction is under way on our First Wave of projects - Including the Georgetown South Project - helping to realize the Big Move vision. Check out the video below, and see what progress looks like.

Click here to view our videos and see transit construction in action.

Did You Know?

  • The Humber River Bridges project is expected to be complete by fall 2014.
  • The Weston Road Bridge project is expected to be complete by fall 2014.
  • When the Weston Road Bridge project is complete, approximately 2,000 cubic meters of concrete will be poured.
  • When the Weston Road Bridge project is complete, approximately 2,700 cubic meters of earth will be excavated.
  • When the Denison Road Underpass project is complete, approximately 80,000 cubic meters of earth will be excavated – enough to fill 32 Olympic-sized pools.
  • The Denison Road Underpass project is expected to be complete by fall 2014.
  • When the Weston Tunnel project is complete, approximately 285,000 cubic meters of earth will be excavated – enough to fill 134 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • When the West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation is complete, 200,000 cubic meters of earth will be excavated. That is enough to cover 80 football fields.
  • A first for GO – slide-in bridge technology was used on the West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation project.
  • The West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation has four bridge spans weighing a total of 10,000 tonnes.
  • When the West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation is complete, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Milton GO line will remain at grade and two additional sets of tracks will be added on the Kitchener GO line to accommodate increased GO service and the new Union-Pearson (UP) Express.
  • The West Toronto Diamond is the busiest rail crossing in Canada.
  • GO Transit began service on the Georgetown GO line (now known as the Kitchener line) in 1974.
  • Starting November 2013, trains began operating in the north lowered corridor of the Strachan Avenue Overpass project.
  • For the Strachan Avenue Overpass, the local community chose the teardrop lattice strut design. For more information on this project, visit our Strachan Avenue Overpass webpage.
  • By the time we complete excavation, the amount of earth removed for the Carlingview Drive Underpass will fill almost 56 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • By the end of the project, we'll have poured enough concrete for the Carlingview Drive Underpass to fill  about 58 Toyota Corollas.
  • The amount of earth excavated for the East Corridor Grading, Track and Signals project can fill 1,000 Toyota Corollas.
  • The East Corridor Grading, Track and Signals project is divided up into two segments. Segment 2A runs from Queen Street West to Lansdowne Avenue. Segment 2B runs from Lansdowne Avenue to Dupont Street. For more information on this project, click here.
  • GO Transit is constantly improving and expanding to meet the growing and changing transit needs of our customers. We anticipate future needs by planning for service expansion and the necessary infrastructure to support it. Learn more about a few of those projects by clicking on the links below. Want to know more about our construction projects? Check out our project profiles, construction facts and latest photos here.
  • The Big Move is Metrolinx’s plan to transform transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Learn more by visiting BigMove.ca
  • Read more about investment tools to help fund over 400 km of new and enhanced transit at Big Move Report
  • The average person in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) spends 82 minutes commuting every day. See what we’re doing to fix this.
  • Current trends indicate the average person will spend 109 minutes on their daily commute by 2033.
  • With The Big Move, the average commute time will be 77 minutes, meaning less stress and frustration and more time to do the things you want to do.
  • At the Humber River Bridge, the spans on which the tracks themselves will sit on, weigh 140 tons. With the average car weighing about 2 tons, the spans are the weight of 70 cars!
  • The Humber River Bridge was originally constructed in 1855. Upgrades to extend all 8 piers to the north were completed in 2013.
  • By the time the Weston Tunnel is complete in late 2014, over 260,000 cubic metres of rock and dirt will be excavated – that’s enough to fill over 104 Olympic-sized swimming pools!
  • The tunnel boring machine at the Weston Tunnel which dug the super pipe weighs 340,000 lbs.!
  • A total of 476 tie backs are needed for the Denison Road Underpass. Tie backs strengthen the sheet pile walls which hold the underpass in place.
  • When completed, the Strachan Avenue Overpass will contain 2000 piles and over 70,000 cubic metres will have been excavated!
  • The Strachan Avenue Overpass contains 2 tunnels, over 540 metres long, dug by machines and over 100 metres of tunnel dug by hand mining.
  • When the West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation is complete, almost 50,000 cubic metres of concrete will have been poured to form the new corridor.
  • Without the Georgetown South Project, eight new highway lanes would have to be built to accommodate the additional vehicle demand by 2031.
  • The Georgetown South Project rail transit expansion is one of the largest transit infrastructure projects in North America with over 20 kilometers of rail corridor.
  • The Georgetown South Project is a critical step to delivering future two-way, all-day service for the GO Kitchener, Milton and Barrie services, as well as launching a future service to Bolton.
  • The Georgetown South Project and the Union-Pearson Express are key components of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Regional Transportation Plan - The Big Move.
  • For the Georgetown South Project (GTS), we are pouring enough concrete to build five CN Towers. It took about three years and four months to build the CN Tower. We are building the GTS Project in about four years.

Please visit this site regularly as we will be posting information as it becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Contact Us page.