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The revitalization program is well underway, and will run for several years. To allow GO Train service to be maintained during construction the work is being broken down into smaller projects. Together they form a comprehensive package of improvements designed to improve your commute.

Choose a link below to read more about each major area of improvement that is planned or currently underway. We are making tremendous progress. To read about completed projects click here.


GO Concourse
In fall 2014, GO Transit will officially open the York Concourse on the west side of Union Station.

Improved Platform Access

Improved Platform Access
The City and GO Transit continue to build more stairs and elevators to the train platforms, making your trip to and from your train faster and easier.

Train Shed Roof Revitalization

Train Shed Roof Revitalization
The historic roof will be revitalized, providing a cleaner, brighter waiting area at track level.

Signal Modernization

Signal Modernization
A modernized system will improve reliability and allow trains to move more quickly in and out of the station.

Track Improvements

Track Improvements
Upgrades will improve reliability and make your ride smoother.

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